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On June 25th of 2012 Microsoft announced it’s intent to purchase the social media company, Yammer.

For several month, the SharePoint community wondered what the impact of this purchase would mean for both Microsoft and more specifically, SharePoint.  Last week at the SharePoint 2012 conference we learned what some of that road map looked like.  Here are the big nuggets:

  • Yammer will only be available online – no on-premises solution
  • Yammer is “included” when you bring your SharePoint to o365
  • Microsoft is dramatically lowering the cost of Yammer – from $15 to $3 per month.
  • Yammer is investing heavily on integrating Yammer into SharePoint
Other points of interest:
  • Microsoft gets the needs for social now. There was a comment in the keynote the way an Enterprise will enable productivity is to build a “social layer” within (and outside) their businesses.
  • Microsoft spend $50B in large part to show that it gets the importance of social
Where do these points lead us?  I’m not 100% on that – I don’t think many people outside of the inner product circle at Microsoft are.  But I will give you an analogy that I think makes the most sense to me right now:
Yammer is to the Enterprise what Active Directory is to the Organization.

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